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Innaiah Narisetti Ph.D.


The Doyen of civil rights movement in India. He was Judge in Bombay High Court early 1960s but resigned to work in Radical Humanist Movement. A close associate of M.N.Roy. He propagated the humanist thought of M.N.Roy. He was receipient of International Humanist award for his defence of democrary and freedom in emergency in India, imposed by prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1975. Tarkunde edited Radical Humanist monthly. He was chairman of Radical Humanist Association and published books and articles.He lived in Noida, near Delhi.

Vimadlal Mahadev Tarkunde
Shri V.M. Tarkunde was born in Saswad near Pune on July 3, 1909, and graduated from Fergusson College, Pune. He went to the U.K. and joined the renowned London School of Economics and subsequently secured his Bar-at-Law. Returning home, he started his legal practice in Pune.
Justice V.M. Tarkunde became a member of the Congress Socialist Party and was a member of the All India Working Committee too. Meeting M.N. Roy, the radical thinker and political activist, radically changed the political outlook of V.M. Tarkunde. M.N. Roy founded the Radical Democratic Party and Shri Tarkunde gave up his legal practice to work with him. Neither of them had faith in party politics which had failed to conscientise people at the grassroots level in respect of the democratic ethos.

Shri Tarkunde resumed his legal practice in 1948 and became a Judge of the Bombay High Court. He resigned in 1969 and set up practice in the Supreme Court of India. In 1974, Shri Tarkunde with Shri Jai Prakash Narayan (JP) founded Citizens for Democracy (CFD) with the latter as President and Shri Tarkunde as General Secretary. In 1976 during the Emergency, People’s Union for Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights (PUCL & DR) was set up with JP as President and Shri Tarkunde as Working President. This was a turbulent period during which he displayed his prowess as a legal luminary committed to civil liberties. He retired from legal practice in 1997.

He was president of Indian Radical Humanist association and Indian Renaissance Association, and  edited Radical Humanist  magazine.
He published book on democracy, radical humanism.

., Shri V.M. Tarkunde  breathed his last on the 22nd of March 2004 after an eventful life of 94 years.

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