Secularism-Indian Style!
Indian Radical Humanist Association( IRHA) was constituted in 1969. It aims at bringing renaissance in India with Humanist philosophy. Radical Humanism was developed by M.N.Roy (1887-1954). Large number of intellectuals discussed the philosophies, modern science, reason, and revolution in various study camps and as a result Radical Humanism emerged. It is also called Integral Humanism; New HumanismM.N.Roy was elected as vice President of International Humanist and Ethical Union in 1952 in Amsterdam. Erich Fromm acclaimed and recommended the two volumes of Roy`s magnum opus “Reason Romanticism and Revolution” so that people can understand better about Renaissance. Fromm mentioned this in his book “Sane Society”. M.N.Roy disbanded his party The Radical Democratic party in 1948 in favor of Humanist movement. Roy was very critical of political party system, which robs the soverignity of people. Roy elaborately suggested decentralization of power, ethical norms, cooperative economic system, and scientific education and pyramidical structure of administration where power is always with people.
Several eminent persons put their efforts to organize through Radical Humanist association. Mr. Justice V.M .Tarkunde, Mr C.T.Daru, Mr. Justice Avula Sambasivarao, Mr M.V.Ramamurthy, Ms Indumati Parikh,and Prof Jayanti Patel worked as chairmen of the IRHA at various periods.V.M.Tarkunde resigned as judge of Bombay High Court to work for Radical Democracy. He put all his efforts for civil liberties, human rights and decentralization of power.

New executive for 2005:Indian Radical Humanist Association(IRHA)
Mr Justice Raghavendra A. Jahagirdar, retired judge from Bombay High Court was elected as president of IRHA on 16 december 2004 at Bombay, M.N.Roy Human Development campus.
Mr. Narisetti Innaiah was elected as General Secretary of IRHA.
Ms Santa Singh, political science professor was the joint secretary.
Radical Humanist
Radical Humanist a monthly journal is edited by Rekha Saraswat. The Journal was founded by M.N.Roy. It has long history in molding the intellectual opinion of the several people in India. After Roy the journal was edited by Ellen Roy, V.B.Karnik, Shib Narayan Ray, Professor A.B.Shah, Justice Jahagirdar Raghavendra, Justice V.M.Tarkunde, Sunil Bhattacharya.
Indumati Parekh built M N Roy campus in Bandra East, Mumbai, India which has become center for humanist activities. International humanist conferences were held here.
Professor Shib Narayan Ray edited the selected works of M N Roy which were brought by Oxford Publishers in 4 volumes. The biographies of M N Roy were written by V B Karnik, Shib Narayan Ray, Samaren Roy, G.P.Bhattacharjee, N.Innaiah, J.B.H.Wadia, and several others. The bibliography of M N.Roy works were compiled by Prof Ganguly in Kolkatta and Mr N.Innaiah.
Thousands of books were written on Roy and his philosophy throughout the world.
2005 activities:

IRHA commenced its activities in 2005 with international convention on what is Secularism and contemporary situation.
On 14 Jan Justice Raghavendra A Jahagirdar, the president of Indian Radical Humanist Association, did the inauguration. He gave prepared and extempore speech on Indian attitude towards secularism.
Mr. Justice Jayachandra Reddi the chairman of Press council India attended as chief guest and gave speech supporting the cause of secularism.
Ms Santa Sinha, Magassasay awardee explained the need to educate children in secular way and necessity to bring all children to schools.
Lars Gule narrated the situation of secularism in Norway and Europe.
Mr. Vikram exposed the miracles of god men by distributing the holy ash and bringing Siva Lingam.
Jaya and Malini of Jana Vignana Vedika , The humanist cultural group, Saraiah scientific forum students, Manava Vikasa troupe sang secular songs.
Mr. Prakash Narain humanist from Delhi presented paper on Secularism and Hindutva. Mr. V K Sinha presided over.
In evening session Mr. Vijayam, atheist center, Mr. Ramana murthy, editor vijaya viharam, B.Kirkhart, atheist leader from USA spoke.
Sangeeta Mall managing editor of Radical Humanist presided over.
Mr. Vikram exhibited the spoon bending frauds.
Cultural groups sang songs.
Mr. N.Innaiah conducted the convention as directors.
The convention was well attended. Mr. Subbarao, M brought out some booklets, which were released by Mr. V K Sinha. Book exhibition was arranged.
Delegates from Andhra, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, Delhi, Bombay attended.
15 Jan 2005
On the second day the convention commenced with the songs of Saraiah group and Mr. K.Kesavarao, the president of Andhra Pradesh Congress committee spoke the need for asserting secularization in India.
Mr. Roy Brown, the IHEU president stressed the need for separation of church and state.
Ms Chandralatha, novelist spoke on rural life in Andhra where Jim Herrick, the humanist from UK dealt with secularizing the art.
Ms Subbamma, the humanist narrated her achievements through secular movements.
N.Innaiah co coordinated the meeting. B.Sambasivarao the secretary of Manava Vikasa Vedika spoke.

Prof Desai from Gujarat explained the carnage in the state while Mr. Kuruvella Daniel revealed the secrets of Makara jyothi in Sabara malai.
Question answer session followed.
The media covered the convention. Andhra Jyothi published interviews of prominent humanists on 16 (City Life).TV9, ETV2, Maatv, Teja, Citicable covered the proceedings. Kuruvella Daniel interview on Sabarimalai fraud was telecasted in TV9.
The convention opined that religion should be separated from state and the people in power must keep their personal religious faith as private matter without bringing into office. Government should confine to administering the money matters but should not observe religious performances at the time of inauguration, opening ceremonies, oath taking, and so on so forth.

Press meet on faith healing
FARA, IRHA and JVV held a press meet on 21 jan 2005 in JVV office.The CD of James Randi`s exposure of Poppof was screened. A press note was circulated challenging the faith healers to take up the case of Mr Jayapal redid, the minister for information who is suffering with polio and if the faith healers can cure him then all the rationalists will believe faith healing and join them. The note explained how the emotionally surcharged atmosphere of congregations created INFERON which might temporarily relieve pain but will come back with double intensity.The Christian faith healers are luring the poor people and cheating them with miracle cures through prayers.

Memorandum toMr Sushil Kumar Shinde, Governor of Andhra pradesh; Nr M.S.Satyanarayana, Minister for Endowments and K.Janareddi, Minister for Home Government of Andhra Pradesh, India

Indian Radical Humanist Association, Federation of Atheist Rationalist Humanist associations (FARA), Jana Vignana Vedika submits this memorandum for immediate action.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is infected with god men, holy women, Christian faith healers; black magicians who thrive on the ignorance, innocence and faith of people. We come across several instances of cheating, looting money properties of people. They get exemptions from income tax, wealth tax, and property tax in the name of religion. They also escape responsibility, answerability to their ill-gotten wealth both from abroad and within the country. Often some of them indulge in crimes and escape under the garb of spiritualism. The sufferers are devotees.
Hence we request the government to stop these nefarious activities in so-called religious-spiritual dens. We request for the following action.

1. A survey of all the ashrams, mutts, peetams, and church centered faith healing places, wakf board frauds with full details .The details should include the past life of the so called holy persons, their crime record, properties acquired.
2. What are the present activities of these holy persons, which includes collection of amounts from devotees, and abroad. If so is there any accountability for that. Is there permission to receive foreign money?
3. If the religious places involve in business activity including manufacturing, sale, advertising, does it cover income tax, wealth tax, property tax, and sales tax? If not will the government immediately bring them under taxation.
4. Is the religious place open for public always or do they maintain secrecy of admission, privacy for certain persons? If so, what is the need for secrecy for spiritual religious bodies which thrive on public money?

… Page 2…

5. Are the ministers, officials, judges, visit these holy places at the cost of government money or keep the visit as purely private affair. If government money is involved, is it not violation of constitutional principles?
6. When the holy persons claim to cure diseases with their drugs, prayers, supernatural powers, does it not attract the act of drugs and magical remedies? Will the government, especially the medical department take note of this and take action?
7. The police department should take action sue motto against these holy persons when they indulge in faith healing, spreading superstitions, claiming cure for diseases with spiritual supernatural powers so that innocent people are saved.
8. Will the government consider avoiding public holidays for religious festivals so that those who observe the religious day may avail the optional holiday and others may work normally? Thus imposing religious faith on all people may be avoided.
9. An act may be planned like prohibition of superstitions (as contemplated in Maharastra)
10. Will the government avoid inviting the holy religious persons to inaugurations, openings, and oath taking ceremonies of official functions and keep them open to all.

Here is the list of persons, mutts, holy places, Christian faith healers, and ashrams to be taken up by the government:

Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, Anantapur
China Jiyyar Swami,
Kalki Baba of Chittoor district
Ganapathi Satchitananda Swamy (Datta Peetadhipathi)
Vijayasri Devi of Nellore

Sundara Chaitanya of Rajamundry
Kaleswara baba
Bala Sai Baba of Kurnool
All Christian faith healers in the state
Rev Paravastu of Rajamundry
John David of Gutti
Wakf Board
Bandlamma of Kavali
Ramdhoot of Ongole
Shirdi Sai temple trustees
…Page 3…

Ayyappa temples in the state
Mehar baba temples in the state
Shirdi Sai temple trustees in the state
Chinmayananda ashrams in the state
Maharshi Mahesh yogi properties in the state
Brahma kumaris in the state
Ravi Shankar properties in the state
Matha Amrithananda mayi properties in the state
Raghavendra swami temple in Kurnool
Naked holy woman in Kurnool
Andal matha properties in Hyderabad
Jillella mudi amma properties
Tajuddin baba
Aslam baba
Desi guruvulu who travel in telengana from rayalaseema
Black magicians in the old city of Hyderabad
Kurtal ashram
Siva bala yogi of cuddapah
Christian missionary activities in the state

Note of Explanation:

Satya Sai Baba affairs: The State of Andhra Pradesh got bad name in the eyes of world due to lack of action against Puttaparthi Prasanti Nilayam of Sai Baba despite serious allegations of sexual abuse, murders, money affairs, false claims of paranormal powers.
UNESCO advised the world not to send delegates to the educational conference held under the auspices of Puttaparthi ashram.
In view these things the state government ought to have taken action.

Shirdi Sai trustees:
Andhra Pradesh pilgrims are attracted to Shirdi in large number. Temples emerged in the name of Shirdi Sai. They are not covered by Endowments department. Devotees are cheated by Shirdi Sai Trustees in many ways. There is no photo of Sai baba. They show the photo of Abdul baba, a servant of Sai Baba and propagate as though it belongs to Sai baba. The trustees did not publish the Sufi sayings of Sai baba lest the devotees should think that he is not Hindu and thought that they may lose income. Some trustees in Maharastra were arrested for indulging in corruption. The temple trustee activities in Andhra Pradesh should be checked.

…Page 4…..

Bala Sai baba
The newly emerged Bala Sai Baba in Kurnool was exposed by the media for his corrupt activities. Proper inquiry should be conducted at once.
Enormous properties were donated to Brahma kumaris in Hyderabad by Telugu Desam government and also they enter into government offices with full liberty.
Matha Amrithananada Mayi
This hugging holy matha started acquiring properties in the state. Already one estate was established in Mahendra hills, secunderabad. Her false claims were already exposed by Srini Pattathanam, in Kerala.
China Jiyyar Swami
Often he indulges in government affairs. He has already accumulated enormous properties. He performed one Yagnam for late N T Ramarao-Lakshmi Parvathi claiming that the result of yagnam will get them son! He also involved in controversial matters in Tirumala.
Kalki baba
He accumulated huge properties. He maintain website too. Rationalists exposed his activities but the government did not take any action.
Ram dhoot
He encroached the forest lands near ongole-kavali high way. Rationalists complained about it. The previous Telugu Desam government received complaint when Ayyanna Patrudu was forest minister who visited the ashram site. But no action was taken.
Old city is full of black magicians. Poor people are suffering under the influence of these cheaters.
Ayyappa swami devotees are cheated
In Kerala on the day of Makara Sankrati the Makara jyoti is lit with the help of electricity department, forest department and endowments department of Kerala. No body is allowed to the hill top so that the secret is kept out of reach. Rationalists who exposed the truth of litting camphor and make belief story is concocted as though divine light is coming on that day, were not allowed to go to the other hill of Sabari Malai.
Several devotees are not told the truth in Andhra but they still believe the false story of divine light.

… Page 5…

Christian faith healers
Several faith healers in the state often open congregations and attract thousands of poor people with false claim of curing diseases. Those patients are never tested by doctors before the cure or after the cure. The cheating is going on.
The Christian missionaries are getting enormous amounts from abroad. Some of them show hostels, schools, hospitals and charity institutions as cover to their nefarious activities. Tandur child murders were notorious incidents where Christians are involved. These Christian missionaries attract persons in power and get properties. They must be checked.
We are mentioning few examples only but all holy loafers are to be observed and checked on time to save people from their clutches.

Co- Ordinator Secretary
FARA Jana Vignana Vedika


Alternative medicines:

Andhra Jyothi Telugu daily published an item on 8 march 2005 in City Life column written by N.Innaiah, General Secretary Indian Radical Humanist Association, with the caption “ unscientific alternative medicines to be banned”. The editors also welcomed discussion on it.

High-level committee of experts under the chairmanship of Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research Dr N.K.Ganguly examined and concluded that alternative medicines are unscientific and should not be practiced. This was done due to directions given by the High Court Delhi when Electropathy, Electro homeo people claimed for money from government. In 1998 the committee was constituted. The report was submitted in May 2003.

The essential criteria for scientific test:
The system should have its own fundamental principles of health and disease with a comprehensive system of health care and not restricted to a
Few diseases only.
The system should have substantial literature on concepts, etiology, diagnosis and management of diseases like textbooks, including pharmacopoeia and formularies.
The system should be recognized in the country of its origin or in any other country, where it was currently practiced.
The system should have documented information on the uniqueness of modalities of treatment may it be drug, devices or any other method such as diet, massage, and exercise?
The system should have standardized methods of preparation of drugs/devices with clear-cut quality control procedures.
The experts panes scrutinized systems: Reiki, acupuncture, magnetotherapy, pranic healing, hypnotherapy, colour therapy, aroma therapy, music therapy, reflexology, gems and stone therapy, electrotherapy, electro-homeopathy, urine therapy, auto-urine therapy.
These systems failed to satisfy the basic requirements of scientific methods.
Union Health ministry( Sushma Swaraj) was the minister) approved the recommendations of the expert’s panel.
No institute should offer courses in these systems and confer degrees or diplomas.
No body that practices these systems should call themselves as “doctor”.
The Supreme Court asked the Central government to legislate on the conclusions of experts panel.
Justice Y.K.Sabharwal and Justice D.M.Dharmadhikari directed the Central government on 25 Nov 2004 that the legislation should be done within two months.
Humanists and Rationalists demanded

The state government to immediately implement the conclusions of the experts and wide publicity should be given so that people will become conscious about the unscientific nature of the alternative systems. Care should be taken to prevent the fake doctors to close their clinics and help the patients not to become victims in the hands of these quacks.

M.N.Memorial lectures: 2005

M.N.Roy`s birthday falls on 21 March. To commemorate his birthday few lectures are organized.
Dr A.D.Sawant, Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Mumbai gave talk on Environmental Problems of India. Justice Raghavendra R Jahagirdar, president of IRHA presided over on 21 march 2005 in western regional instrumentation center, Bombay University Kalina campus.

Hyderabad: Dr N.Jayaprakash Narayan, national co ordinator of Lok Satta delivered a talk on The State, The market and the citizen. Dr N.Innaiah, general Secretary of IRHA presided over on 2o march 2005 in Press club, Hyderabad.
New Delhi
Professor Tahir Mahmood, former chairman of Minorities commission of India spoke on Religion and law in the modern world-21 st century scenario, march 21 2005.Justice Rajinder Sachar retired judge presided over.

West Bengal RH committee 2005
biennial general meeting of IRHA WB was held on 26 and 27 March 2005 and a new executive committee had been formed. In this committee, Mr. Ajit Bhattachayya is the President, Mr. Salil Dasgupta and Mr. Sushil Kar are Joint Secretaries and Mr. Krishna Chandra Som is the Treasurer. There are other EC members /

IRHA is registered and audited accounts. The No. is Registered under Societies Registration Act - 1860. Mumbai Reg. No.9199, G.B.B.S.D.

The reports of Mr. A P Rajan and Lokendar Sarma, police
officers who investigated and submitted report on
murders in Satya sai Ashram were to be revealed and
action should be followed up.
Deaths occurred in Anantapur when the dome of Sai Baba
Museum collapsed and architect as well as few workers
died, must be probed into and action must follow.
Deaths that took place when the wall of water canal
Collapsed in Puttaparti ashram and few workers died
must be enquired into and action to be taken.
The police records about the deaths, molestations,
Sexual abuse in Puttaparthi ashram must be studied and
Action to be taken.
The Larsen and Toubro company that gave 400 crores of
Rupees for water scheme ought to have paid income tax
Worth rs 120 crores. But they avoided .It must be
Probed. There should be an answer as to why the water
Works scheme in Puttaparthi ashram was handed over to
Panchayat raj?
The complaint against Puttaparthi ashram and Sai baba
By UNESCO and the petition circulated worldwide must
Be taken seriously by the government and action should
Be taken. The state of Andhra Pradesh was put to shame
With the actions of Sai baba and the ashramites.
A copy of Mr. Robert Priddy`s latest book "End of The
Dream-The fall of Sathya Sai Baba" was presented to
The minister along with the copy of public petition
For official investigation of satya sai Bab and his
Worldwide organization.
The Minister promised to place the facts before the
Cabinet and the chief minister. He also assured that
The home department will take suitable action.
Kalki Baba affairs:
Land was allotted to him unto 120 acres near Sriharikota space center, Nellore district where a road is being constructed. Also a building is being constructed near Thada, Nellore-Chittoor boarder that is kept secret for outsiders. Kalki Baba is originally vijaya kumar a clerk in insurance company. Married. His wife also pretends to be holy woman and charges for visit.
Jagdish, a young fellow became follower of Kalki and pretends to be the junior baba .
Kalki has land in Chittoor district. Police cases are booked against him in Tamilnadu.

Issued a statement through Andhra Jyothi daily on 22 feb 2005, warning people against Christian faith healers especially scientologists who came from USA claiming to console and cure the sick persons who suffered in Tsunami disaster. A batch of 28 persons came from USA, distributed literature in coastal areas of Tsunami affected areas. The use touches therapy for the sick people and pray for the cure. Though they say that their aim is not to convert people into Christianity, their motive is to convert through dubious attractions.

Exposed the false degrees confirmed by Mr. Roy B Oliver of Las Altos in California State USA who gave doctorates to several persons in the name of International university of California. Innaiah called on him in USA and found that the university is non-existent. Mr. Roy Oliver is living in two bed room house and through his agents in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka collect money from persons and send them attractive certificates. His agent in Chennai, India is Mr. Thyagarajan who collects Rs 15000 to one Lakh rupees for certificates.D.Anjaneyulu, alapati Ravindranath got doctorates in similar fashion.(Andhra Jyothi daily published the news provided by N.Innaiah on 22 feb 2005)

Called on Governor Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde
On behalf of FARA, IRHA we met the governor Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde and submitted a memorandum regarding Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, Kalki baba and other holy persons. A copy of Premanand`s book Murders in Sai Baba Bed Room, BBC telecast Secret swamy in June 2004 and seduced by sai baba were given to the governor. He wanted to see the details and study the problem. We pleaded with the governor that personal faith should not be brought into government. We also requested him that the state should not give official reception to Matha Amrithananda Mayi when she visits Hyderabad. The governor said that he follows M N.Roy`s thought.
N.Innaiah, CLN Gandhi and V.Venkataratnam were in the delegation.

Federation of Atheist, Rationalist and Humanist associations in Andhra Pradesh, India formed during 2002 with Dr Innaiah Narisetti as co coordinator. The associations joined in the federation are: Andhra Pradesh Radical Humanist Association, Rationalist Association of India-Andhra Pradesh; Atheist Association,Vijayawada; Indian Atheist Association, Anantapur Rationalist Association, Humanist center, Inkole; Manava Vikas Samajam;
Several activities were taken up to educate the public and media.
2004 FARAH activities

Farah the federation of atheist rationalist Humanist association started its activities in 2004 with a media meet on 7 January in Working Journalists Union meeting hall in Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad. Mr. Larry Jones, vice chairman of International Humanist and Ethical Union, New York and Gogineni Ramanath Babu executive director of IHEU, N.Innaiah co coordinator Farah addressed the press meet. Three books were released on this occasion.
Living without religion by Paul Kurtz, translated into Telugu by N.Innaiah
This book was dedicated to Mr. Kotapati Murahari rao and Mr. Narra Kotaiah
They were also present to receive the book.
The second book is Memoirs of Cat by M.N.Roy, translated into Telugu by venigalla komala.
The third book is by M.Subbarao on curbing the menace of fundamentalism. Mr. Larry Jones released this where as the other Mr. G.R.R.babu released two.

Mr. M.Subbarao explained the activities of Hyderabad rationalist forum and Rationalist voice magazine.
Mr. N.Innaiah explained the thrust of Farah on separation of religion and politics.
Mr. G.R R Babu criticized the state and central governments for indulging in the promotion of cults like Brahma kumaris and babas like Satya Sai. He wanted the implementation human rights, which will cut across all religions. He also cited the example of Pakistan, which has gone into barbaric state through Sharia and denied the rights of expression. He gave the example of dr Younus Sherif who was punished for criticizing Islamic law.
Mr. Larry Jones said that USA is going fundamentalist way under Bush regime and felt that superstition is on the rise.
Mr. I.Muralidhar proposed vote of thanks.
Interview by Andhra Jyothi
Mr. Larry Jones and Mr. G R R Babu were interviewed by Andhra Jyothi and published in daily on 8 Jan 2004.They had a meeting with Mr. K.Ramachandra Murthy editor of Andhra Jyothi and exchanged views on various aspects.
Mr. N.Vikram, Ravela Somaiah, M.Chandrasekhar attended the Farah press meet.

Fara second state conference

The second conference of Farah was held at Tenali on 12, 13 January 2004. M.Basavapunnarao organized and welcomed the delegates in N.G.O Hall on 12 January.
Earlier N.Innaiah addressed the press and explained the objectives of the conference.
N.Innaiah presided over the convention.
Larry Jones inaugurated the conference and shared his experiences of Humanist studies in United States.
Dr Vijayam translated the speech of Larry Jones into Telugu.
Vincent Lloyd editor of Common sense magazine from USA spoke briefly the participation of youth in humanist movement in States.
Babu Gogineni explained the activities of International humanist organization.
Premanand stressed the need for united effort and narrated the unity effort of rationalist organizations.
N.Vikram, Kondalarao performed the psychic surgery and explained the bogus claims of quacks like Orbito Elex from Phillipphines.
They also demonstrated a street performance in Tenali street corner which attracted youth.
Kiran Nanavati, secretary of Humanist organization from Ahmedabad appealed for the promotion of secular parties against Hindutva promoters.
He narrated the communal atmosphere of Gujarat.
Mr. I.Muralidhara gave suggestions for functioning of Farah.
Andres Marshall, Time Asia correspondent from Bangkok and Time Photographer Frederic came to report the activities of Rationalist organizations. They interviewed Chandra Latha, the author of Drisya Drisyalu, a Telugu novel on ecological problems.
On the night of 12 January Farah representatives had discussions on future of organization and various suggestions emerged. IHEU leaders and Time magazine correspondent also participated in it. I.Muralidhar, N.Vikram, C.Bhaskararao, Thotakura Venkateswarlu(editor of Charvaka monthly) N.Innaiah, G.R.R.babu, Larry Jones, Vincent Lloyd, participated. Marshall Andrews observed the discussions with keen interest.
On 13 January the Farah convention discussed the problem of Child abuse by religions.
N.Innaiah initiated discussion by giving details of UNESCO role, various religious abuses of children and the need for scientific education for children from primary level.
Mr. Narne Venkatasubbaiah presided over the second day deliberations.
MrBasavapunnarao explained the role of local bodies.
Mr. Krantikar fr om Khammam spoke. Mr. Ancha Seetharamaiah spoke.
Saraiah group sang several rationalistic songs in the conference.
Book exhibition also attracted several delegates.Mr Premanand spoke on the second day.

Submitted charter of demands to political parties

The Farah charter of demands passed in Tenali conference were submitted to political parties at Hyderabad on 24 Jan. N.Innaiah, I.Muralidhar, N.Vikram, M.Chandrasekhararao, Mr. T.V.Rao(janavignana vedika) went round to Telangana rakshaka samithi( Prof Srinivas redid), Telugu Desam( Umareddi Venkateswarlu), Congress (K.Rosaiah), CPM (Raghavulu) CPI ( Suravaram Sudhakar reddi) BJP( Kishan Reddi).All of them received well and expressed their views on various points. They also accepted to distribute the charter among their party members for discussion.

Press Meet
Mr. N.Innaiah, co ordinator and Mr. G R R Babu, Executive director of IHEU addressed the media on 27 January 2004 in Press club, Hyderabad. Innaiah briefed the press regarding the charter of demands of FARA, which was submitted, to political party leader for implementation.
He explained the implication of the charter of demands.
Mr. Babu extensively briefed the media about the freedom of dr Shaik Younus who was in Europe after release from Pakistan jail. He narrated the efforts of IHEU in releasing the providing asylum for Dr Shaik. He also gave details of various efforts of IHEU in saving the freedom of writers and fighters.
Mr. I.Muralidhar, Mr Hanumantharao, Mr Vikram, Mr. M.Chandrasekhararao, Mr. Veeranana attended the press meet.

Fara protest to Amrithanandamayi devotees

On 8 feb Fara held a media meet in Press club, Hyderabad and protested to the government of Kerala and the devotees of Matha Amrithanandamayi for trying to prosecute Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam. The book written by Pattathanam is the basis for prosecution. State government permitted mr A.T.Ajan an advocate of Kollam to proceed against Pattathanam. FARA exhibited the hugging mother photos and demanded probe into her funds received from abroad. They also asked to remove all exemptions on Ashram funds since they are running it as business concern. The hugging humbug was also criticized by FARA.
Mr. In.Innaiah, Mr. I Muralidhar, Mr. M Subbarao, Mr Hanumantharao, Mr M Chandrasekhar participated in it. Eenadu, Vaartha published the news. There was TV coverage. The book written by Mr. Pattathanam in Malayalam was exhibited to the media along with the gist in English, published in Rationalist voice.

Protest to PM and CM

On behalf of FARA protest emails were sent to Prime Minister Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu for visiting officially to the Puttaparthi Sai Baba on 11 Feb 2004. They violated the secular norms by encouraging such cult babas.

Sai Baba sex exposed

FARA held a press meet on 7 march 2004 in Press club, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad and screened the CD of Denmark devotees of Sai Baba. It shows the sexual perversion of Sai Baba. UNESCO withdrew from the educational conference organized by Prasanti Nilayam in 2001 and advised visitors not to go since sexual abuse complaints are rampant. Conney, a Swedish actor narrated his own experiences with Sai baba and established a society in Sweden to help the victims of Sai Baba Ashram.
Some other revelations also were shown like false claims of divinity, miracle cures, taking things out of nowhere.
N.Innaiah addressed the press and demanded inquiry into funds of Ashram, constitute committee to probe into sex complaints and account for enormous amounts received from abroad.
Mr Muralaidhar, Mr. Subbarao M and Mr Chandra sekhar attended. Mr. Vikram through his magic shown how ATMA Lingam is taken out from mouth which Sai Baba fakes and cheats his disciples.Mr M.Subbarao exhibited the book of Premanand “Murders in Sai Bab`s Bedroom” to the media.

Press meet on Shirdi Sai and trust affairs

A press meet was held on 28 march 2004 in Regional Trasport commissioner office, Hyderabad. Mr CLN Gandhi arranged the screening of Shirdi Sai photos for press.
Mr. N.Innaiah addressed the media saying that the photos exhibited for devotees are not original Sai Baba. The photos of Shirdi Sai do not exist at all. All the photos are of Abdul Baba who served Shirdi Sai. The Shirdi Sai trust was created after 5 years of the death of Sai in 1917. Mr. Rahim Baba who is 70 now served his grand father Abdul Baba and revealed the truth about the photos to Mr. Prabhakar Nanawaty, Pune when he interviewed in Shirdi.
Mr Abdul Baba also noted the sayings of Shirdi Sai in urdu. The manuscript consist of 110 pages. Three photocopies were exhibited to the media. They were not published by the Shirdi Sai trust because they belong to Sufi sayings and Koran. Shirdi Trust wanted to do business on Sai by propagating Hindu customs and attract more devotees to get money. The trust involved in corrupt practices and some of the trustees were jailed also. One Mr. K.R.Sampath IAS was appointed as approver. The Maharastra government wanted to issue ordinanance and take over the trust under the chief ministership of Vilasarao Deshmukh.But some officials who happened to be the devotees stopped the attempt.
Mr. Yoginder Sikander of Islamic Institute of Leiden, Netherlands also wrote article in Feb and March issues of Radical Humanist in 2004. Mr. P.K.Nanawaty`s article was published in Rationalist Voice in 2003.
The Temples constructed in Andhra Pradesh are not controlled by Endowments department since the Supreme Court accepted the plea that shirdi sai is not Hindu. The individuals in Andhra Pradesh are constructing the temples of sai and making money.
Malladi Subbamma lamented the exploitation of women in the name of Shirdi sai pilgrimage. Mr. B.Sambasavarao, president Bharat Nastik Samaj said that there is not word Sai but originally it is Shahi, who fled from the sepoy mutiny fight during 1857. Later he was shown as Shirdi Sai.
Mr. I.Muralidhar said that the research articles of Sikander, and Nanawaty revealed the truth about Shirdi sai. He also narrated how some individuals indulge in earning through Shirdi sai temples in Nellore.
Mr. Vikram demonstrated through magic how the miracles of Shirdi sai took place, such as lighting the lamp with Water and creating holy ash.
TV9 channel telecasted the news prominently.
Mr. Chandrasekhar, Ms Nandita were present.

Defections among politicians:

Fara organized a media meet to expose the defectors in politics in Andhra Pradesh. The photos of prominent defectors were exhibited to the media. The meeting was held in Jana Vignana center Khairatabad, Hyderabad on 11 April. N.Innaiah explained the weakness of politicians who aim at capturing power and defect parties to achieve that goal.He narrated the long tradition of defections starting with late Tanguturi Prakasam, Prof N.G.Ranga, dr M.Channareddi and 100 others.
The conference urged voters to be cautious with such defectors.
FARA also suggested the political parties should observe internal democracy, decentralization in selecting candidates. The candidates should be elected by the each political party in the constituency but not in Hyderabad, or Delhi.
Fara suggested that recall system should be introduced to show the power of voter.

Child abuse in elections:
FARA issued a press statement asking all political parties to stop involving children for canvassing, carrying buntings, flags, raising slogans and using them in advertisements. Election commission was urged to take note of the child abuse during elections.

Mercury menace in Ashram
Datta Ashram of Anksapur, Vempalli mandal, Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh installed 411 kilos mercury Phallic Lingam. The material was brought from Benaras. It is said that some herbs and chemicals were mixed in it. The radius of mercury solidified material is 3feet and height one and half feet.
Fara and Jana vignana vedika held a press meet on 28 april where Innaiah warned the health dangers of mercury. He demanded that the concerned holy persons should obtain permission from pollution control board and it is against the hazardous material act to use mercury in temple.
Mr. Baburao scientist explained the consequences of mercury leakage into water, soil and inhaling vapor.
Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi dailies published the item, and TV9 telecasted with visuals.

Challenge to Astrologers
Fara issued a statement through Eenadu on may 8 challenging the astrologers to predict the party wise winners of assembly and Lok sabha elections, which will be counted on 11, may. Malladi Subbamma, Kotapati Muraharirao and N.Innaiah addresses were given with phone numbers. Several phones came throughout the state from astrologers asking to note down their predictions. But we insisted on written statements and gave time until 10 may.

Vaastu criticized

A press meet was held on 9 may in Press club, Basheerbagh Hyderabad where N.Innaiah, Dr K Krishnaiah and Mr. A V Reddi engineer addressed on Vaastu and its criminality in connecting diseases to wrong constructions.

New Chief Minister Y S Rajasekharareddi- Letter to ask for observing secularism
A congratulatory letter was addressed to the Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar reddy asking him to observe secularism and avoid mixing personal beliefs with administration. Also asked to separate religion from politics and confine personal beliefs to home and not to bring them to government offices.

Challenge to Astrology predictions

A press meet was arranged to exposed the failure of astrologers in Andhra Pradesh in predicting the accurate figure of winning figure of political parties in state and center. The letters written by various astrologers were exhibited to the media. Also one lakh rupees cheque donated by Mr. Gadded Ramakrishna was shown to the media in press club, Basher Bagh, Hyderabad on 15 th May .
TV9, ETV2 telecasted the program. The media Hindu, Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Vaartha published the news on 16 May.
Malladi Subbmma, M Subbarao, I Muralidhar, Vikram, Veeranna G, participated. Later Mr. Narne Venkatasubbaiah, M.Satyanarayana also attended. Mr.M.Nageswararao of Eenadu journalism school especially present in the press meet.
Another press meet was held on 21 may in Press club. Addressed again on fish medicine along with Jana vignana vedika persons. Issued a statement on fraudulent nature of fish medicine cure of asthma.
Astrology experiment
Astrological predictions were conducted in three schools. In Malladi Subbamma junior college girl students and Prakasam school in Khairatabad students were given horoscope predictions after obtaining their date of birth, place of birth, birth sign etc. Similarly 17 lady teachers were selected in Jubilee hills public school (20th dec 2004) and their horoscope were distributed to each individual. In all the three schools the participants were given astrological predictions in envelops and asked to read silently and after going through the text, asked them to keep the paper in the envelop. Then opinions were obtained about the accuracy of the predictions. Majority of the participants said that the text was accurate; some said that it was 90% accurate. But none said that the predictions were wrong.
Then the participants were asked to give the envelop to the person sitting behind him/her and the last row participants were asked to give their envelops to the front row persons. Then they were asked to go through the text. Every body was taken aback and surprised that the text is the same for everyone. What is the accuracy is the question! At that juncture Indian astrology was explained through question answer session, the non existent planets, the difference between sun and planet, the inaccuracy of calculation at the time of birth; no influence of planet on persons; ignorance about the stars;
Most of the participants accepted the falsehood of astrology and its predictions.
In each case, N.Innaiah explained in detail about the scientific attitude to understand the difference between astrology and astronomy.
Then followed the magic show of Mr. Vikram where he exhibited the distribution of holy ash, bringing out Siva Lingam from stomach, which was followed by explanation. The teachers participated in the discussions.
Vaastu was repeatedly challenged by FARA and Jana Vignana Vedika in meetings and discussions.
Mr. Gouri Thirupathi Reddi books were condemned as committing social crime and harassing persons with his false claims. Similar discussions were held in TV9 and ETV2 channels too. Mr Pandarinath, Mr. Gouri Thirupathi redid failed to argue scientifically. Mr. N.Innaiah, Mr. TV Rao Mr. I.Muralidhar, Mr. B.Sambasivarao participated on behalf of JVV and FARA.

Secularism-Indian Style!
India is following its own peculiar secularism. Often the political parties, especially the religious oriented dub Secularism as “Western”.
It all started with the perverted interpretation of Secularism by Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ( the president of India and interpreter of Hinduism)
Dr Radhakrishnan defined secularism as equal respect to all religions and never should be considered as irreligious. Political parties in power follow this definition and take advantage of the situation to their advantage.
Mahatma Gandhi realized in the last days of his life the need for separation of religion from politics, especially the state. Gandhiji always practiced religion in politics through prayers. He followed the principle of equal respect to all religions. At the fag end of his life Gandhi wanted non-interference of State in the religious matters. He also emphasized the separation of religion so that it can be practiced only at personal level. But that was too late. He did not live longer to propagate the separation of religion from politics.
Jawaharlal Nehru as first prime minister of India always stood for secularism. But he could not take it to the logical end due to pressures from political and religious lobbies. He even failed to bring uniform civil code in the country.

Indian Constitution:
The founding fathers of Indian Constitution makers clearly stated, “ that nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any existing law or prevent the state from making any law regulating or restricting any economic, financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice.”(Article 25 (2) (a) constitution.
Through 42nd amendment to the Constitution in 1976, the preamble clearly stated:” We the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Secular Democratic Republic”.
Yet the political parties who oppose the secular principle and who support the practice of Secularism dare not interpret in proper perspective.
Congress Party:
Usually the Congress party is considered to be secular-by and large. Barring Jawaharlal Nehru, all the congress prime ministers, ministers, and others at various levels followed religious practices “officially”. The invite Hindu priests on the occasion of oath taking ceremonies, inaugurations, opening of new projects, laying foundations, etc. To avoid criticism they involve Christian priests and Muslim Mullahs too. They visit temples and receive honors “officially”. They exhibit their faith publicly at the cost of government funds, which means peoples money. The government officially declares holidays to all religious festivals. Temples, Masjid and churches are allowed in the premises of government offices. During office hours the prayers are allowed. Persons bring their own individual Guru’s pictures, images into the offices. Government officially patronage the pilgrimages, provide all facilities and extend financial concessions. Government lands are allotted to religious purposes.
Each religion took advantage of the weakness of political parties and gained much to benefit in several ways. Religious establishments became powerful institutions with huge amounts accumulated. All religions get exemptions from taxes. There is no accountability either for the illegal money or business affairs conducted in the name spiritual activity.
Cult Babas, holy women gather around politicians and built empires of ashrams. Even criminal activity of holy persons goes undetected except in rare cases.
Dhirendra Brahmachari a cult holy persons was very powerful during Mrs. Indira Gandhi`s tenure of Prime Minister ship. Chanda Swami, a cult person emerged as spiritual ambassador during the time of Mr. P .V.Narasimharao`s premiership. In each state several holy cult persons amassed wealth and established powerful empires. They developed connections with politicians who always come to their support in need.
Presidents of India prostrated before the holy persons and visited several of them “officially”. Similarly prime ministers, ministers, judges, officials made their religious visits official. All these practices made secularism more difficult in public life.
The confusion about secularism percolated to all levels. The compulsion of elections, made the political parties impotent before cults, religious holy persons.

Communist parties too!
The left parties are supposed to be secular and non-religious, if not irreligious. But this is not so. Communists gained power in states several times. They did not practice secularism. Take the example of Kerala. Communists ruled the south Indian state quite for some time. There is Ayyappa cult in Kerala. People annually visit the Ayyappa temple located on the top of a hill Sabarmalai. Neighboring state devoted visit in thousands. On the last day of the visit during January month, the government officially involves electricity department, forest department, and temple administration in the function. On the other hill near Sabarimalai, the government arranges to light camphor so that devotees see the light. It is described as Divine Light. Of course it is make belief. This practice is going every year. Communists also practice this anti secular make belief.
When there were protests, the chief minister of communist party defended the practice saying that the state gains much through revenue from pilgrims and hence there should be no protest.
Communist party (Marxist) is in power in West Bengal state. Every year Durga cult religious sacrifices were performed for 9 days with all pomp. The State government makes all arrangements and encourages the religious practice. The communist government described this practice as “cultural” and continues to gain popularity among people. This is another compromising attitude to perpetuate political power. Communists never tried to educate people about wrong notions of Durga cult, lest they should lose cheap popularity.
Mr. Surjit Singh, communist party leader from Punjab state wear Sikh turban, grows beard and moustache. He looks like typical Sikh religious person. Sikh religion insists that hair should not be cut; turban is must and so on and so forth. The communist leader never resisted this Sikh religious practice nor tried to educate the Sikhs that dress is personal. On the other hand they defend these cult practices in dress, food as “cultural” and follow them!

Scientist President Kalam`s Secularism
Mr. Kalam is the scientist from South India. When he was elected as president of India, secularists felt happy and expected genuine secular practice from the highest dignitary. But Mr. Kalam started visiting cult holy persons like Satya Sai Baba, Matha Amrithananda Mayi and Brahma Kumaris. This practice of encouraging holy persons started with the first President of India Mr. Rajendra Prasad. The first president not only visited the religious persons but also even went to the extent of washing their feet in public. The Presidents Sankar Dayal Sarma, Venkataraman officially exhibited their faith.
The Bharatiya Janata Party was in power for some time in the center and in some states. They stood for religion and hence there is no expectation from them to practice secularism. The disappointment came from Congress party and left parties.
Muslims and Christians, Sikhs etc took advantage of misinterpretation of secularism and gained much for their religious practices. Muslims started ignoring the rulings of Supreme Court regarding noise pollution at the time of prayers. Muslims use mikes and loud speakers causing nuisance to residents, students during examination time. Christians and Hindus also imitate them and started using mikes and loud speakers as though god is deaf! Religious churches, masjids, Hindu mandirs are built obstructing the roads and traffic. In the name of religion it is shown as though anything and everything is possible.
Thousands of holy persons emerge to earn illegal money, property since exemptions are there and accountability is absent. Most religious places involve in business that has become very lucrative and powerful centers. Tirumala-Tirupati has become largest pilgrimage center with enormous amounts of income. The money source at this temple is not questioned. Hence much illegal amount reaches the holy place and government accepts this practice in the name of religion. All such illegal and anti secular activity is rampant throughout the country, shared by all the political parties.

Future of Secularism in India

India has to begin the practice of Secularism, somewhere. To start with there should be clear understanding that Secularism means separation of State and religion in all matters. Religion is faith based and hence confine to individual belief related to god and supernatural spirituality. In the matters of state the law should be equal to all irrespective of religion. There should be no exemptions to the principle that all are equal before law. Some people including religious persons should not be kept above law under any circumstance.
In India some judges visit holy persons “publicly”. This creates problems. It would be difficult for victims of holy persons to fight against injustice when judges openly prostrate before the holy persons. Justice cannot be expected from such persons.
Similarly law officers, Police should not exhibit their personal faith openly. Holy persons who indulge criminal activity take shelter with the support of police devotees. These things are happening continuously in India. Religious crimes also are crimes. There should be no exemptions to spiritual and religious persons so far as crimes, mis appropriation of funds, sexual abuses are concerned.
Religious practices of untouchbility, castes, child marriages, burning of wife when husband dies, oppression of minorities, discrimination against women, child labor should not be tolerated and there should be no exemption to those who practice them.
In the field of education, scientific method should be inculcated from primary level. Religious instruction should not be included in texts, curriculum since that belongs to faith and belief.
Holy loafers should not get any exemption from law, answerability and accountability.
Rights of minorities so far as religion is concerned should be confined to personal level. This includes prayer, holidays, dress, food habits and civil law. They must not be brought to the streets.
In India Religion encroached into politics and public life. Thus religious belief system vitiated the moral life of the people.
Religious morality should not be confused with values and ethics. Religious values, morality are strictly confined to divine laws and supernatural realm. There is no verification, nor proof for religious belief systems and religious values including moral faith. They should not be confused with human rights, human values and human morals.
Secular values are moral, and human. Secular values are not in any way connected with supernatural and para normal systems.
Human rights and religions often don’t go together. When human rights and values emphasize that all are equal, men and women have the same rights, religions don’t accept. That is the crux of the point. In such cases religions wish to follow their holy texts like Gita, Koran, Bible which preach inequality between men and women. Secularism stands for sincere equality and genuine practice human rights and values.
India needs secular practices in all walks of life. That will put India in futuristic stance.
All state and Central governments can observe secular holidays leaving the religious holidays to those who observe them. That will make a good beginning for secular practice in India
The fighters for Dalits, depressed groups, scheduled castes think that temple entry on equal footing with Hindus will solve the problem. Some reformers mistakenly think that if Dalits can be taught to become temple priests and marriage performance priests, that will uplift them. They are mistaken. In fact they are leading blindly into the Hindu caste system, gradation method and accepting Karma theory! Exactly that is the reason why B R Ambedkar wanted the Dalits to leave Hinduism so that they can bid good-bye to untouchbility, caste degradation. Temples, priesthood and religion will not uplift the Dalits and suppressed classes. On the other hand those deceitful practices lure the weak minds to accept suppression.
Secular practices with human dignity, human values and human morality will alone bring them into great future.