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Humanists I Met

Malladi Ramamuthy


Rama Murthy who worked as the president of Indian Radical Humanist Association was my close family friend for as long as half a century. Sometime around 1960 while practicing as an Advocate, he was known to me. At that time, his wife Malladi Subbamma was a homemaker and completed only up to High School.  A good-hearted couple, who welcomed and offered food affectionately whenever I visited their house, Later, all the effort of educating Subbamma privately for Inter and B.A and grooming her as a Humanist by encouraging her to read and write was Rama Murthy’s.

Rama Murthy who started his communist life, by about 1940 with the influence of M.N.Roy, chose to be a Humanist and remained a Humanist for the rest of his life. He was dedicated to Humanist Movement, taking care of his practice on one side. Both of us took part in many meetings and training camps. I had written many articles for a monthly magazine he started afterwards. We had gone and participated together in All India Humanist Conferences. In the same way, we worked in Rationalist Movement also together.

Rama Murthy served in Citizen Forums and Human Rights organization very much.  He was very well acquainted with everyone from Jayaprkash Narayan to V.M.Tarkunde. Being trained by M.N.Roy, Rama Murthy was logical in thinking and writing. He was very close to Avula.Gopala Krishna Murthy. We were meeting there also frequently. Rama Murthy conducted many secular marriages. Written drama scripts and got them enacted and did translations. Released some books through ‘Praja Swamya Prachuranalu’.Went on foreign tours. As the days went by, towards the end, he made it his sole job to guide and support Subbamma to be a leader. He worked for Human Values without compromise, spending his own money. He was imprisoned during ‘Separate Andhra Movement’ and ‘Emergency’ imposed by Indira Gandhi. He died in1999.

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