A.B. Shah

  S. Ramanathan

  Basava Premanand

  G.D. Parekh

  J.B.H. Wadia

  Samaren Roy

  Mani Ben Kara

  Sib Narayan Ray

  V.B. Karnik

  Susheel Mukherjee

  Malladi Ramamurthy






Humanists I Met



Both Mr. & Mrs. Parekh were dedicated to Humanist Movement and to the effectiveness of M.N.Roy.

While G.D.Parekh was alive and active, Indumati was doing medical service to the poor in Bombay slums. Those days G.D. was known as a commentator (spokes person) of Radical Democratic Party and a famous speaker.   Elavarthi Rosaiah and Avula Gopala Krishna Murthy recalled that he was a treat to the ears delivering fluent speeches on the stage, exchanging glances with Roy, if he was there by his side, joking, amongst the applause of the audience. Parekh would stop at once anytime Roy frowned.

I did not know him then.  After that we were together for 5 days during Dehradun Study Camp We met unexpectedly on train in the compartment while going to that camp from Delhi.  V.B.Karnik was also there. We traveled chit - chatting. In those 5 days of Study Camp Parekh participated on many occasions in the debate. As an expert speaker he explained Roy’s policies of decentralization.  They were very good to hear but seemed not practicable.

There was a social get together in M.N.Roy’s house, 13, Mohini Road. Each from different regions in their own style narrated their experiences and shared jokes as Gowri and Indumathi were serving cocktails to everyone.  Parekh made everybody laugh. Malladi Rama Murthy, Guthikonda Narahari and I were there. RamaMurthy does not drink. That day we encouraged him to drink and he too had a drink. We all enjoyed.

Tarkunde’s eyes were wet with tears as he recalled the days he spent with Roy in that house. I used to meet Parekh in Bombay. He was working as University Rector and wrote a book on General Education

Pareskh translated a book written by Lakshmana Sastry Joshi in Marathi into English titled ‘The Critic of Hinduism’. I wrote that in Telugu and published that in ‘Prasartitha’. A.B.Shaw published Parekh’s articles supporting some of the policies of Thilak, in ‘Humanist’. Parekh’s articles used to appear in ‘Radical Humanist’.

After him Indumathi Parekh, as she was a doctor, started serving the Bombay’s underprivileged and found a place in their heart. She proved the importance of social service by working in Humanist Movement with dedication. She brought forth the issues of women.

We participated in small gatherings in her residence. She stayed as our house guest with us in our house in Hyderabad. Indumathi, Gowri and Indumathi used to shop together in Hyderabad Old city.

Indumathi toured Andhra many times. She released my translation work of M.N.Roy’s biography into Telugu at Telugu University. She organized International Humanist Conferences quite successfully in Bombay.

She came to Washington while I was there in Washington for discussions to plan Women welfare programmes. We met and discussed. As a leader of Humanist Association she encouraged the voluntaries and secretaries.

She believed in practicing. She was not a great writer. Not an orator. But International Humanists observed her programs and said “not Mother Theresa, we must recognize Indumathi”.

On Editor Tomplin’s request I wrote about Indumathi in ‘Encyclopedia Unbelief’. 


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