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Innaiah Narisetti Ph.D.



Contributed articles in Websites of late Mr. Jyothi Shankar, Atlanta Georgia USA,,
Secular Humanism
International Humanism and Ethical Union
Radical Humanism
Research in Child Abuse by Religions
Study of Scientific Nature of alternative medicines like Homeo, Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Nature cure etc

Corruption Exposed:
The University of Hyderabad had Mr.Gurbaksh Singh as its first Vice Chancellor. He bought second hand books, discarded in USA and showed it as thought he purchased new ones.
He made lot of money. The Librarian Mr.Murthy knowingly kept quiet lest he lose his job. That was exposed in Andhra Jyothi Daily. The intelligence people tried to know the source, which I never revealed.

All India Radical Humanist Conventions at Hyderabad in 1972 and in 1994.
Andhra Pradesh Rationalist Convention in Secundrabad.
Andhra Pradesh Radical Humanist conference in Hyderabad
Several Seminars, Symposia, Discussions and Meetings in Asian Study center, Barkatpura, Hyderabad, YMIS Hall, YMAS in Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad, Osmania University, Andhra Vidyalaya College etc.

A tirade was conducted against the government of Andhra Pradesh when Brahmananda Reddi was Chief Minister. He tried to gag the freedom of the press and introduced press bill. He aimed at Andhra Jyothi daily.
A public meeting was conducted by Committee for cultural freedom where Prof.Venkatarangaiah and others spoke. Media highlighted our efforts. later the bill was withdrawn.

I supported Mr.Peddireddi Thimmareddi for his effort to help the Farmer Community. I also wrote one article appreciating him in a souvenir brought out by Avula Gopalakrishna murthy during late 50s. But when Thimmareddi was indulged in fertilizer scandal and supported the black marketers, I raised my voice. Thimmareddi reacted and tried to meet my criticism without any substantial evidence.

Close Associates
Mr.D.Anjaneyulu Writer and Journalist was my close friend. He settled down in Madras. I also helped for some of his writings, which he duly acknowledged.

Mr.Bhavanam Venkatram was Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh during 1982 for 7 months. He was my close friend. But in my books I criticized him for indulging sexual affairs in public life. Either Mr.Venkatram or some of my friends did not appreciate this. They thought that a friend should be left along even if he indulges in scandalous affairs in public office. I did not agree with them and published my criticism in a book entitled" from Khaddar to Saffron robe".

Humanists & Rationalists Child Abuse who's who in hell