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Innaiah Narisetti Ph.D.



          Contributions in English Magazines:

American Atheist, Free Inquiry,

Washline, American Rationalist,

Indian Rationalist, Radical Humanist,



         Contributions in Telugu Dailies:

Andhra Patrika, Andhra Prabha,

Andhra Jyothi, Golconda Patrika,

Eenadu, Udhayam, Vaartha


         Contributions Through Broadcasting:

Produced Documentaries and Moderated

Discussions on Humanist-rationalist

Themes through All India Radio,

Media, Doordarshan(T.V.) Hyderabad.

       Contributions in Periodicals:


Telugu weekly edited by Vattikonda Rangaiah from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. My articles appeared in this Journal from 1954 to 1964. Some translations of M.N.Roy`s articles, Sib Narayan Ray`s articles were also published. The journal ceased publication.


Telugu weekly from Vijayawada. It was founded by N.G.Ranga, Political leader. Later Gogineni.P.UmameswaraRao edited it. I contributed articles occasionally from 1958 to 1964.

Telugu Vidyarthi

Telugu monthly from Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Kolluri KoteswaraRao was the editor. It covered mostly educational articles and reached schools and libraries. I contributed articles on Renaissance, History, Politics and Education. I also interviewed several persons like P.V.NarasimhaRao (the then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh), M. V.Rajagopal, Education Secretary in the Government, C.D.Deshmukh, D.S.Reddi, Vice Chancellor of Osmania University and several other persons. These articles appeared from 1969 to 1978.


Political weekly from Hyderabad. Mr.Devipriya edited for some time. I contributed articles on Andhra Pradesh political history in serial .It was during late 70s.


Telugu monthly from Chirala and Tenali, coastal towns of Andhra Pradesh. Radical Humanist movement sponsored this Journal. It was edited by various persons in several years. They were Ch.RajaReddi, Kolli Sivarami reddi, M.V.Ramanaiah etc I contributed articles on Rationalism, Secularism and Humanism including the amendment to M.N.Roy Thesis as developed by A.B.shah.This Journal stopped publication.

Radical Humanist

Telugu weekly from Tenali. Edited by Koganti Subrahmanyam. I contributed many Articles and Translations from Visakhapatnam, when I was studying B.A.Hons Philosophy in Andhra University. Some articles were from Heresies of 20th century written by M.N.Roy.


Telugu monthly edited by M.V.RamaMurthy. This was started in Vijayawada and later shifted to Hyderabad. I contributed many articles and participated in controversies on Humanism and Rationalism. This Journal stopped Publication.


Telugu monthly from Chirala. Contributed articles on different topics including Alternative Medicines, Superstions, Philosophy of Science and thought of Humanist thinkers including Thomas Szasz, Paul Kurtz, Carl Sagan, and James Randi. This is edited by Ravipudi Venkatadri.


A Telugu fortnightly from Hyderabad. I contributed articles and introduced several Telugu personalities of USA when I was staying in Washington D.C., during 1992 onwards.



Gouthu Latchanna, Political leader

Bandaru Ratnasabhapathi, Political leader, Minister

Narla Venkateswararao, Editor, Writer, Parliamentarian

Avula Gopalkrishna Murthy, Humanist, Advocate

yelavarthi Rosaiah, Teacher

N.G.Ranga, Political leader

Tripuraneni Ramaswamy, Social Iconoclast

Gora Sastri, Journalist, Writer

Sanjiv Dev, Artist, Writer on fine arts

Special articles published in MISIMI Telugu monthly


Prasarita was a quarterly in Telugu, which we started in 1972. It was meant to serve Telugu academics at higher level on social subjects. we published whole issues on specific topics covering politics, sociology etc. Mr. Polu Satyanarayana was my co editor. We consulted persons like Dr. K. Seshadri to update the issues.
I left the journal when I joined Andhra Jyothi daily at Hyderabad as chief correspondent and special reporter in 1975.Some of the articles on Naxalites which we published were highly original and we never revealed the source though intelligence bureau and naxalites tried to know it.
Ignored Criticism

Contributed regular political feature in Eenadu Telugu nadu fortnightly published in 1980 from Hyderabad, meant for Telugu abroad. My articles appear under the pen name Saakshi. The publication ceased to exist after 12 issues.

Worked in Journalism with:

B.S.R.Krishna, VasireddiSatyanarayana, K.V.Subbaiah, G.Viswanatham, Ch.Rajaraeddi, M.V.Ramanaiah, M.V.Ramamurthy, G.C.Kondaiah, C. Narasimharao, (Neti Prapancham)

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