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Innaiah Narisetti Ph.D.



Philosophy of Science, Values, Humanism

Philosophical consequnces of Modern science with special reference to the problem of Determinism.

That was the theme of my Ph.D. thesis. I started working on it from 1997 and completed within stipulated time for submission to the university. I consulted Dr. C.T.K.Chari at Madras Christian college, Dr.Ravada Satyanarayana in Physics department in Osmania University, Dr.Sripada Gopalakrishna Murthy who returned from London with Ph.D. in physics.

A.B.Shah provided with the original manusciprt of M.N.Roy about the same theme. Roy wrote it in his jail days 1933-36. That script is really inspiring material to me..

My guide Dr. V.Madhusudan Reddi was devotee of Aurobindo, a retired godman at Pondicherry, India. My guide played double role with me. He approved the thesis in writing and refused in viva voce. Strictures were passed against him by inquiry commission, High Court. He resigned for his post and left to Pondicherry for some time.My thesis was scrutinised by three examiner committees and it took 13 years to settle the affair!

In my thesis I dealth with the problem of Determinism , Space-Time, Second law of Thermodynamics, and modern biological progress. New Quantum theory and Theory of Relativity was taken into consideration for arriving at certain conclusions.

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